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Welcome to Greenchoice

You have made the greenest choice

Thank you for your registering for green energy and/or forest compensated gas with Greenchoice. By becoming a customer of Greenchoice, you are contributing to making the Netherlands more sustainable.

Mijn dossier

After receiving your contract confirmation, you will be able to view the online file that we have created for you. You are able to check the status of your registration here and change your personal details. At the moment, Mijn dossier is only available in Dutch.

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Our app

You can take care of your energy matters quickly and easily via our app. Our app has been created and tested together with a group of enthusiastic customers. We continuously update our app with new functions. Recently, we have made it possible for customers with solar panels to view how much energy they are delivering back into the network.

Download the app

1. Confirmation of your registration
Within five days after your registration you will receive a contract confirmation by mail. Among other things, the following matters will be addressed in this confirmation:

  • Your startdate (the date we will start supplying you energy)
  • Your tariffs
  • The general conditions

2. Sending your meter readings
We will send you an e-mail when we need to receive your meter readings. You do not have to send us your meter readings if you have a smart meter (slimme meter). This meter will send us your readings automatically. You can send us your meter readings via Mijn Dossier or our App. Are you having trouble sending your meter readings? Please send us an e-mail or call us via 010 478 23 26.

3. Your monthly payment
Soon after the start date of your contract, you will receive an e-mail with the monthly payment that we have calculated for you. This monthly payment is based on the average energy usage of your address in the past three years. Would you like to change your monthly payment? Then please visit Mijn dossier, send us an e-mail or call us via 010 478 23 26.

Start of green energy supply

You are able to find the date on which we will start the supply of green energy  in the contract confirmation you will receive by mail.

Have you switched energy suppliers?
We will end your current energy contract on the date that we will start supplying you with energy. By determining our start date, we have taken the legal cooling-off period and the notice period of your current supplier into account. For that reason, the start of our energy supply will take place around 4 to 6 weeks after your registration.

Have you moved house?
Then we will not cancel the energy contract on your old address. The energy contract on your old address will continue on until you cancel the contract yourself.

News from Greenchoice
You will receive a monthly Dutch newsletter from Greenchoice. In this newsletter, we will inform you about our sustainable projects and other interesting green news.

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