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RENTSAFE and Greenchoice collaborate to make sustainable power sources available to households.

Energy provider Greenchoice in close collaboration with RENTSAFE offers very competitive energy rates for 100% renewable power and forest-compensated gas. This offer is available for all tenants who’s rental property was inspected through the mobile RENTSAFE inspection tool and also for users of RENTSAFE’s energy calculator! Sign up with Greenchoice right now on this page and discover that with Greenchoice’ renewable power, you contribute to a greener more sustainable world and save money simultaneously.

Your advantages:

  • 100% wind power & forrest compensated gas
  • Very competitive rates: always in top 3 most price competitive providers
  • Switching to Greenchoice as your energy provider is easy and free of charge
  • Greenchoice checks with the current energy provider if and when you can switch and cancels the contract with your current provider.
  • When moving abroad, your energy contract can be canceled free of charge.
  • Easy to do business with us online.
  • Personal attention for all of your questions and concerns! 


Greenchoice is an energy provider in the Netherlands that provides green power and forest-compensated gas. Sustainability has been a core value of Greenchoice since the founding in 2001. We only provide power from sustainable sources, and we plant trees to reduce the climate impact for gas emissions. For this particular offer we exclusively provide power from Dutch windmills.

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