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Let's make a green choice

Apply for genuine green energy

Apply for green energy by Greenchoice via this website, and profit from the favorable terms and conditions for members of Expatica.

Our Nederlandse Windstroom contract will provide you with 100% sustainable energy from Dutch windmills, while being able to choose between a low, fixed or variable tariff.

Greenchoice is the largest energy provider in the Netherlands that exclusively provides green, sustainable energy. All power and gas supplied by Greenchoice is durable. For example, we only use power from local sustainable sources and we plant trees to compensate for all gas emissions. For this offer we exclusively provide power from Dutch windmills.

NL wind power

NL wind power100%

Forest compensated gas

Forest compensated gas100%

Competitive prices

Sustainable does not equal expensive: Greenchoice guarantees a competitive price for your green energy, at all times. Whether you choose our variable priced-, or our fixed rates, you are guaranteed to receive 100% sustainable energy at a fair price.

All the detailed conditions can be found in the General conditions and Contract conditions for NL Wind 1 jaar, 3 jaar en variabel, and the form for cancellation / revocation.

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